Friday, February 24, 2012

Positivity Matters - Lincoln

Positivity Matters - Lincoln:

Vision Statement: 
Increasing goodwill and connectedness by bringing awareness to people of their strengths while fostering positive psychology in Lincoln.

Adviory Council:
Cathy Behrns - General Manager at KZUM 89.3 FM
Martha Florence: Director of Community Engagement at NET 
 & board member of : 
  • Sheldon Art Association
  • The Malone Center
  • Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln
  • City of Lincoln Libraries
Laurie Fraser - Co-chair, Cause Camp 2013
Paul and Shelley Freeman - The Cameron Effect
Nick Hernandez - Social Entrepreneur at Positivity Matters
Bob Rauner - Executive Director at Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln
Sheila Stratton - Radio Host of The Joy Factor
Community Theme Advisors:

1. Positive Psychology
2. Positive Connectedness - Jim Keck -  Senior Minister, First-Plymouth Congregational Church
3. Philanthropy 
4. Positive Health - Bob Rauner, Executive Director, Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln 
5. Positive Education:
6. Arts, Sports, & Culture:
7. Storytelling, Media, & Journalism:
8. Economy

9. The Built Environment and Placemaking 
10. The Natural Environment
11. Neighborhoods
  • Nick Hernandez - President, Havelock Neighborhood Association
12.. Leadership Development
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